Liberty Walk Widebody Huracan V2 is Here: White and Aggressive

It seems to have become commonplace if we see a Lamborghini Huracan wearing body kits from Liberty Walk, especially on the internet where such a sighting is considered normal. And this time the Japanese tuner wants to bring up something different with these two ingredients. Wait, what is that? Yes, a Lambo racing car.

This Liberty Walk Performance Huracan is the second generation of its kind. Its predecessor made debut about four years ago with a bold, wide appearance and new additional parts adorning its bodywork.

This unit is, however, completely different, as it has received a major overhaul to produce a completely new look. A radical bumper can be seen at the front, as well as a new hood complemented by dual air scoops and large front fenders featuring a heat-extractor on top.

Apparently, Liberty Walk thinks that the rear wing is okay to stay there, although this time new panels have been introduced to give the V10 powerhouse more cool breeze. The wing itself draws inspiration from the Lamborghini Veneno, which is a perfect role model for this white machine.

You may have seen a lot of changes here and there on the Huracan, but as usual, one of the important aims of such a modification is to provide bigger wheels and tires to the car, which in turn also requires a suspension system modification.

To make the Huracan looks more dramatic, its titanium exhaust tips have been given a Heat Blue color. Actually, the project is cool even without that. So we think, why not just go natural? But it seems that LW wants to manipulate things a little bit for additional sweeteners for the package.

In case you don’t know, this V2 kit isn’t cheap, it costs from $39,420 to $59,940, just imagine what you can buy with that money. But if you have plenty of cash and want to make your Lambo look menacing with that unmatchable coolness, then maybe those numbers won’t be a big problem for you.

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