Kia Futuron Concept Boasts Coupe SUV Design, Electric Autonomy

Kia’s first coupe crossover has been revealed. Although it looks both unique and attractive, it’s not for sale since it’s just a concept.

Its name is Futuron and it previews a new styling path for the Korean manufacturer’s electric cars in the future. As the moniker implies and the pictures confirm, the concept is presented as a futuristic car, so people won’t spot it on the road soon. But considering the purpose of the Futuron, which is to envisage Kia’s forward-looking electric SUV coupe, it should one day transform into a production model.

Clearly, the most dramatic part of this concept is its exterior design, which is being shown to the public at the ongoing 2019 China International Import Expo (CIIE). It combines graceful ratios with a clean profile, the Futuron brings in a novel interpretation of the “tiger nose” grille. It’s now a lot wider and integrates the “Star Cloud” headlights on a “Dragon Skin” surface that took inspiration from Chinese mythology.

The press release says the headlights are inspired by nebulae in the night sky, containing a geometric patchwork of matrix LEDs that are reverberated at the rear by similar taillights. In a different camp, the 2020 Hyundai Grandeur has shown something pretty similar to this.

Not less striking is the car’s proportions. As you can see, it has SUV coupe shape with low profile, in contrast to the high ground clearance. The Futuron Concept has a length of 190.9-inch, height of 61-inch, and comes with a 118.1-inch wheelbase.

The vehicle’s roof looks rather unique, with the panoramic glasshouse that has a diamond shape and placed atop a 360-degree center. Funnily, this part is said to be inspired by the design of UFOs and flying saucers. Extending down the hood, the roof provides drivers with an unmatched front view. There are also a set of LiDAR sensors to enable Level 4 self-driving capabilities.

The Futuron’s striking form can be achieved thanks to its use of a pure-electric powertrain. A battery pack with high capacity is planted low under the cabin floor, giving electricity to four potent motors which drive all four wheel respectively. By putting together an electric all-wheel drive system and a low center of gravity, the Futuron can have a very high level of responsiveness.

You’ll be more convinced that this machine is good at autonomous driving when you look at the its flexible and spacious interior. The two seats at the front are built to be flexible; therefore they can be positioned upright for more focused driving, or reclined for more relaxing riding where the automated system takes control.

Activating the autonomous mode will make the steering wheel retracts and the front seats recline. Overall, the interior looks just as futuristic as the exterior and the two’s stylings are well connected, creating a modern and harmonious combination.

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