Jeep Wrangler Loses to Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Land Cruiser in Off-Road Comparison

The Jeep got more points on paper, but still didn’t come out a winner

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon may look like one of the most potent off-roaders out there, especially since it features solid axles, locking differentials, and 33-inch tires. Well, we don’t deny that. But it doesn’t mean that there can’t be other vehicles superior to it. A recent test by Diariomotor in Spain proves that under certain conditions, the Mercedes G-Class and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado can have better off-road performance than the Wrangler Rubicon.

The video comparison starts by detailing the specs and features of the Wrangler, G-Class, and Land Cruiser to map the capability gaps between the three SUVs on paper. This is just a normal part of such documentation. It compares things like ramp angles, locking diffs, tire type and diameter, traction controls, low range transfer case availability, ground clearance, torque to weight ratio, underbody protection, and camera systems.

As expected, the Wrangler wins on paper with a score of 94.8 out of 100. On the other hand, the G-Class and Land Cruiser Prado gets 93.4 and 85.1 respectively. It’s a satisfying result for the Jeep. However, the real comparison is just about to begin on off-road terrain where performance talks louder than words and numbers. The test conducted in Ocaña, Spain showed results that contrast the aforementioned scores.

Guess what? Ranked one in the off-road comparison is not the Wrangler, but the Mercedes G-Class. The mid-size luxury SUV wins thanks to its great 4×4 skills, which proves that it’s actually tougher than its two rivals, at least in this particular testing field and in these specific conditions.

Ranked two is not the Wrangler again, but the Toyota Land Cruiser Limited, a car that the reviewer would take to cross Africa or South America. Not only it’s a tough and reliable vehicle, but it can handle almost any terrain and is big enough to accommodate up to 7 passengers. The Wrangler still managed to beat the Cruiser at some point during the test, but overall, the latter has better off-road performance here.

Finally, sitting in the last spot is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, whose tire performance is inferior to its two rivals during the drag test. In addition, its small angle also made it lost in the comparison. So it loses more than it wins here, which is why it’s ranked last. Watch the video below for a more detailed comparison, and you’ll know why the Wrangler didn’t come out a winner.

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