Jeep Renegade PHEV is Happening

Jeep has confirmed that an electrified version of the Renegade is happening, it’s expected to arrive in a time not far from the upcoming plug-in hybrid Wrangler. The new compact SUV will be produced at FCA’s Melfi plant in Italy, which is also the production home for the regular Renegade and the Fiat 500X.

The Renegade PHEV is based on the same underpinnings as the 500X. Its first examples will be built in 2019 while its final production version is scheduled to go on sale in the beginning of 2020. In order to ensure the Melfi plant’s readiness for new hybrid technology, FCA will give it a modernization treatment. The automaker has a total investment of €200 million for this purpose.

A few months ago FCA announced its product strategy for the next five years, revealing that Jeep cars with a front-wheel-drive system like the Cherokee and Renegade will have an electric motor powering their rear wheels. Among Jeep’s future plans is to release eight plug-in hybrid models in the US by 2022, with the new Wrangler is set to launch in 2020.

When the new Jeeps arrive, they will be part of FCA’s electrified car family. The lineup is small, but it’s still growing. Launched for 2017, the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid started the rollout, the second model was the mild hybrid Ram 1500 that came for 2019. With a €9 billion investment, FCA wants to have 30 electrified models by 2022. A total of 12 electric propulsion systems will also be available by that year.

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