Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Gets Radical Widebody Kit

If you think widebody kits are exclusive to Lamborghini and Toyota Supra cars, you’re wrong, because some SUV owners like them too, especially those who want their cars to sit on larger wheels.

Obviously, even the most stretched out cars need a tad of additional rubber when output goes up unreasonably. Despite appearing like a newcomer, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 is actually one of the first high-performance SUVs to ever be produced.

There are still square-shaped old models everywhere around the world, adopting twin-turbo layout to that bulky V8 mill to churn out crazy figures good for drag races. This project has probably got close to that level of insanity, because it’s now a bit too potent to be considered a normal car.

This is a modern example of the SRT, which is somewhat odd since no one ever discusses it. The vehicle’s grunt has been bumped to a staggering 1,200 horsepower, although massive output isn’t what the SUV is all about. In fact, it also has a luxury side which gives it some aura of an excellent mighty car, making a standard 707-hp Trackhawk feels almost like a loser.

The alluring red color has been perfectly combined with intense gold-painted wheels made by a company called Ferrada. These wheels measure 22×11.5 inches and are positioned significantly nearer to the body due to the new suspension setup.

If you’re curious about who is responsible for the radical change brought by this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, they’re folks at Renegade Design, a Russian automobile tuning house specializing in crossovers. And the widebody kit used here is the Tyrannos V3.

The kit gives the SRT more than just large fender extensions, but also large air intakes on the front, in addition to a chin spoiler and hood with a scooped-out design. We don’t know how much this full package costs, but it’s probably around $10k.

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