The German tuner Mansory has a reputation for ruining high-end vehicles, and now it has gone even further, targeting the Bugatti Chiron with its brutal makeover.

Bugatti has created an incredible piece of engineering with the Chiron. The automaker gives customers a range of options to personalize their cars, from lots of color choices and leather shades to various customization possibilities.

However, Mansory is ready to turn your lovely hypercar into an inimitable creature if its regular form doesn’t fulfill your desires. The tuner has added tons of forged carbon fiber to change the Bugatti. The hood now sports a striking look, and the lower front bumper boasts a bigger splitter.

If you pay attention, you’ll see that the headlight frames have also been covered in forged carbon fiber.

The wheel arch outlets add a strange aura to the design elegance and look somewhat misplaced on the Chiron. The side skirts have a racing vibe and, to be fair, looks compatible with the whole new design. But whether it fits the personality of the Bugatti as a mighty hypercar is a different matter.

The rear is also full of forged carbon fiber. This section is fairly discreet and harmonizes well with the grey and black paintwork, although the rear diffuser appears to be excessive, while the strange quad-exhaust design looks clumsy and complicated.

At the top, you can see a roof scoop extending to the engine bay, probably to help cool down the powerful W16. Mansory has also replaced the stock wheels with fully-forged wheels with carbon fiber accents. These wheels are 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the back. They’re made specifically for the Chiron’s high-performance tires.

The steering wheel, the instrument cover, and the thin center console stack have been painted in a light blue color. The seats come with a solid turquoise band on the back, and the Mansory logo can be found on the headrest.

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