Intelligent Navigation Makes Bentley Bentayga More Fuel Efficient

Launched at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid has expanded the Bentayga SUV lineup with a plug-in hybrid option. The first electrified Bentley comes not only with the typical exotic luxury character, but also a promise of more fuel efficiency.

While the company has a plan to release its first electric car in the future, it’s still continuing to innovate in the hybrid segment.

In electric mode, the Bentayga Hybrid is capable to go as far as 31 miles. It relies on a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 and an electric motor. Other than that, the super-luxury SUV is also equipped with an innovative feature that will support its fuel savings duty, and that is the intelligent navigation system.

The system’s job is to calculate the best drive mode combination involving the electric motor and V6 engine after a destination is programmed into it. So the drive mode selection will run automatically throughout the journey to maximize fuel efficiency.

During the journey, battery power will be used in the best way possible according to the system calculation while at the same time, electrical saving will be conducted so that the energy stored in the battery can later be used to back the car’s acceleration when needed.

In the city, pure EV mode will be used by the Bentayga Hybrid to travel a maximum of 31 miles on a single charge. The engine will be activated once the car runs on the highway.

The intelligent navigation system’s calculation also include the all-out use of the electric power just as the Bentayga arrives at its destination, thus maximizing the vehicle’s overall efficiency. The battery recharging will take 7.5 hours from a regular household socket, or 2.5 hours from a Level 2 charger.