Infiniti QX Inspiration EV Concept Looks Smooth and Cool

For now, the Infiniti QX Inspiration may only be a concept vehicle, that’s how it seems for us. For Infiniti, however, it’s a new milestone – the Japanese automaker’s first pure electric car.

Infiniti has recently given a first look at the electric crossover that is set to be revealed at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit on January 14. December last year, some hints about the SUV have been drawn up, but things just become clearer now.

The Infiniti QX Inspiration is made to be luxurious, so it can be said as an upcoming rival for the Tesla Model X. Very little details known about the car’s battery and specs, but the Japanese automaker says it will come with high-performance and a roomy interior that makes you feel like in the lounge.

The QX Inspiration is the most recent electric SUV to join the competition in 2019. Last year we have seen the Mercedes EQC, Audi E-tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Rivian R1S – all come to fight the Tesla Model X.

As we know, Infiniti is the subsidiary of Nissan, which has been a senior player in the electric world with its more affordable Nissan Leaf. If you want to compare prices, Tesla’s electric crossover costs from $70,000 while the Leaf starts at $29,000.

The new QX Inspiration is expected to come with a higher price tag that is more similar to the Model X. It’s a car that makes us curious too, so it’s definitely worth anticipating.

With the 2019 Detroit Auto Show to be held soon, we’re starting to see teasers coming from carmakers that will unveil some of their new vehicles. Infiniti is one of them. The company has confirmed that its first all-electric concept SUV will be previewed at the show. The name QX Inspiration may sound familiar to you, since Infiniti had previously introduced a non-electric concept saloon with a similar moniker – the Q Inspiration – a year ago at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

Not many details are known, but here we’re looking at a new official photo of the upcoming crossover. No more shadow as you can see, just a clear image showing the vehicle’s stunning, ultramodern design. Judging by what is seen, the QX Inspiration is clearly inspired by Infiniti’s earlier concepts like the Prototype 10 and the Q Inspiration. The headlights are slim; it also features a sculpted body, a sloping roofline, and huge wheels. What we don’t see is a grille at the front, which has been ditched to generate a smoother face than that of the Q Inspiration.

Infiniti’s future lineup of EVs promises an extensive, “lounge-like” interior. As for the QX Inspiration Concept’s cabin, it’s a hand-crafted one that uses “a choice of materials inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality”. These are just words though, as no photos of the cabin have been released. The concept will also come with a variety of driver assists and connected interior features, although no more details were revealed.

Technical details about the electric SUV’s performance and driving range are also still unknown. We just have to be a little patient to know more when the QX Inspiration is displayed at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

According to Infiniti’s Executive Design Director, Karim Habib, the QX Inspiration marks “a new era for Infiniti and an illustration of where” the company wants “to go with the brand”. With new technology, the Japanese automaker is sure of its opportunity to develop its design viewpoint.

Infiniti seems to be serious about its electrification plan as almost all models will go electric after 2021. Among them will be a series of fully electric cars. The automaker’s first EV will debut in 2021, and that first ever model will possibly be the QX Inspiration Concept in its final production form.

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