Hyundai VelosterRaptor N and Kona Ultimate: Friendliness and Badassery in One Camp

This year’s SEMA Show will kick off in a few days, and every motorhead is getting excited about it. Meanwhile, to add more excitement, Hyundai has revealed its two curious concepts that will be showcased at the auto show, including a slightly-modded Veloster the company describes as a Type-R killer and a heavily altered Kona that appears far different than it used to be.

The Veloster you see here is created in collaboration with Bisimoto Engineering; they call it the VelosterRaptor N Concept. As the name suggests, the machine is based on the Veloster N, and it packs a number of performance upgrades that make it more potent.

The car gets a modified turbocharger, a high-performance intake, an enhanced intercooler, a modified mass airflow meter, a water methanol package, and a high-flow exhaust. Overall, it has been tuned to produce greater performance.

The vehicle’s output is now above 320 horsepower. It has also been fitted with aftermarket wheels wrapped in sticky tires. When you look at it, the visual change is not much. The VelosterRaptor N receives custom headlights and a larger rear spoiler.

On the interior, there are lightweight seats and an interactive OBD cluster present as the sole changes. According to Hyundai, the vehicle is built to showcase a normal-looking performance upgrade for the Veloster. And yes, it still looks friendly despite the changes it receives.

Treated with a more comprehensive modification is the Hyundai Kona Ultimate Concept, which was a Rockstar Performance Garage build. This one is different from the VelosterRaptor, not only does it look wilder, but it actually is.

Riding on a set of 30-inch off-road tires and receiving a total suspension upgrade as well as more robust brakes, the crossover has basically undergone a thorough rally conversion. The car also gains upgraded intake and exhaust systems, in addition to black Bullet-coated exterior and LED rally lights. The car might have a bigger horsepower as well, although the Hyundai didn’t number the output.

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