Hybrid Car

A hybrid car utilizes at least two different kinds of interconnected propulsion. One example is an internal combustion engine that drives a dynamo to generate electricity for an electric motor. The additional power generation system is used in hybrid cars to enable extra range, output, and efficiency.

When necessary, a hybrid car can drive in pure electric mode and bring into play its electric motor alone without involving the internal combustion engine in moving the vehicle. The engine-only mode is also available, in addition to the hybrid mode itself, of course.

The fundamental principle with hybrid cars is that each motor has its advantages and operates more optimally at distinct velocities. When it comes to torque making, the efficiency level is higher with the electric motor, which is also great at producing effective turning power.

As for the internal combustion engine, it’s most suitable for keeping the car at stable high speeds (it can handle the task better than average electric motors). Properly switching between the two generators while accelerating will result in a win-win energy efficiency. Particularly, it makes the vehicle more fuel efficient.

So, a hybrid car simply puts together at least one electric motor and a combustion engine for its propulsion. The system also allows the car to recover some of wasted kinetic energy through the regenerative braking mechanism.

The electric motor or the gasoline powerplant can work alone on separate occasions, but they can also join forces if needed. With such a system, the car can burn less gasoline and consequently, have better fuel mileage. The presence of an electric force can even increase performance in certain conditions.

Half of the energy that powers hybrids is drawn from a battery pack that recharges itself by taking back the deceleration energy lost to high temperature caused by the conventional brakes. The process occurs via the regenerative braking system.

Hybrid cars also make use of their gas engines to refill and sustain their battery power. Automakers develop more than one type of hybrid style to achieve different goals. These goals can be related to maximizing vehicle efficiency or making the car as affordable as possible.

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