Honda Civic Type R Price Climbs Again

Pricing information for the 2019 Honda Civic Type R has been released, creating a bigger gap between the newest car and the 2017 model that packs 306 horsepower.

Now it starts at $37,230, accounting for $36,300 MSRP and a $930 destination charge. As a comparison, the 2017 Type R was priced from $34,775, consisting of $33,900 MSRP and an $875 destination charge. After looking at these figures, we can conclude that the hot hatch’s price has risen by $2,455 in just two years.

There’s no doubt the price hike is influenced by high demand on the market. But that’s not the only reason Honda makes the Type R more expensive than before. The automaker actually also increases its standard equipment over the years, eventually bumping up its selling value.

Examples of new standard features in the 2019 model include an updated Display Audio system with physical buttons, a volume knob, and better Bluetooth connectivity. The steering wheel buttons have also been updated and a parking brake light indicator has been added. Bigger cupholders can now be found inside the car, while physical buttons to adjust fan speed are available on models with dual-zone automatic climate control.

The Type R’s price has been continuously climbing since the first model hit the market in mid 2017. Just several months after the release, the car became $200 more costly and its destination charge crept up by $15, giving it a total new value of $34,990. The price gone up again to $35,595 in May 2018 due to $5 and $600 additions to the destination charge and retail price respectively.

Earlier this year, the price got a $1,000 increase from $34,700 to $35,700, while the destination charge was $25 more expensive, resulting in a total cost of $36,620. As if that’s not enough, yesterday Honda bumped up the MSRP and destination charge again by $600 and $10 respectively, bringing the number to $37,230.

All these increases aren’t surprising at all given the high demand for the Type R. It may still be a lovable car despite the additional cost. And if some people are reluctant to pay more for the new model, they may be able to find an older, cheaper one that is just almost as attractive. Either way, the front-wheel drive hot hatch will still be bought.

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