HKS 2020 Toyota Supra Looks Big and Stunning

Seems like the imminent SEMA show will be a little of a 2020 Toyota Supra party. For that reason, it’s necessary to differentiate between the sources of the attending cars. There are a number of interesting builds to talk about, but for now we’ll focus on a stunning project from HKS, a name that has been in the world of builders for tens of years.

HKS has been tuning powerhouses to achieve greater performance since early 1970s and the Japanese developer has come across of method of remaining in the news, which is building a 2020 Supra for SEMA show – the Las Vegas automotive event kicks off on November 5.

No matter what you do, as long as you’re an automobile aficionado, you’ll love to know details on the mechanical aspect of the HKS 2020 Supra, because the build is too interesting to be ignored. Nonetheless, the American division of the company, which is responsible for the development of this car, only provides us with the visual element for the time being.

The Instagram post after this article will show you three pictures of the HKS Supra – don’t forget to hit the swipe button to switch images. Yes, that’s all we got, without performance figures whatsoever, but the cool Japanese machine is still worth our attention.

What you see here isn’t the sort of simple widebody kit. In fact, it’s pretty much the contrary, with those flared wheel arches and aero pieces that give us the impression as if those parts were built by gigantic non-human beings who didn’t use the small tools we usually use.

But don’t take it wrong, the HKS 2020 Supra looks exactly right, it’s qualified to be a beautiful and eye-catching modification car, we’re sure you agree with that. What’s more, just look at that massive wing; you could literally use it as a dining table.

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