Hard Collision Destroys A Tesla From Behind

In the future, we hope that Level 5 automated-driving cars will have the ability to avoid getting rear-ended like this. It would be great if they could do some evasive move to save themselves from such an accident.

As for now, if a crash like this were to happen, it seems there’s almost nothing that can prevent it, except if the driver behind suddenly realizes that he has to stop his car immediately, then he presses the brake pedal with all his strength and his car stops on time.

But as we know, the chances of such a successful prevention happening are 1 in 100 million, especially since we’re talking about an old Toyota Corolla that hit a Tesla. Even the chances of the driver in the front realizing that there’s something fast heading towards him from behind are very little.

Some incidents just happen in the blink of an eye. Perhaps this is where automated systems should take over, covering the areas where human errors occur and helping cars evade danger before it approaches or even intercept it from the beginning.

However, until those systems are well developed, crashes like this will likely be difficult to avoid for inattentive drivers. Well, actually, if we can just drive carefully without being distracted, everything will be alright even if self-driving technology wasn’t there. And such a driving behavior would save a lot of lives and cars from getting taken out all of a sudden.

Back to the accident involving the Corolla and Tesla, it seems that the latter’s driver wasn’t hurt despite the heavy damage suffered by his car – as confirmed in the video description. The condition of the Toyota’s driver is the big question though.

This incident happened “during morning rush hour” when “the signal light at the top of the highway onramp was active”. Unfortunately, the speeding Corolla seemed oblivious to the signal as it didn’t try to stop – not even slowing down, rendering the crash completely unavoidable.

It was devastating for the Corolla itself, but the car ahead of the Tesla wasn’t spared from the misfortune as it was next to being hit by the “offending vehicle”. In the end, we can only hope that everyone in the scene is safe and unharmed.

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