GT4-Class Abarth 124 Spied Testing at Monza Circuit

Looks like Fiat is working on a new 124 Abarth GT4 race car as a fully disguised mule that appears like one was spotted raging at Monza circuit. We have no doubt that it’s a 124 Abarth Spider, which is the base model for the upcoming racer.

Of course it’s no longer a regular Fiat 124 Abarth, the car has been equipped with all the racing gear to strengthen its look and performance. You can see it has wheels vents, there are also flared wheel arches, revised front fascia, a large wing and a massive rear diffuser.

When you look at it going through lap by lap on the track, it may remind you of the iconic Dodge Viper which has been discontinued in 2017. How not? The mule’s outer appearance is really similar to that of the venomous Viper (which we hope will be revived in the future).

There’s a speculation that the 124 Abarth would be packing the 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine derived from the Alfa Romeo 4C. The unit would be retuned to generate 380 HP – a strong-enough output for the small beast.

There’s still no confirmation from Fiat regarding this news, and we bet the Italian car maker won’t say anything until the development process is complete. So we will have to wait for a while to know more about the company’s GT4 racer.

Source: MattyB727 – Car Videos

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