A production mishap in the transmission of two specific 2023 Ford Broncos has resulted in an immediate recall due to the danger of rollaway. The affected vehicles are fitted with a 10-speed automatic transmission, a component of which may have been damaged when it was in the factory.

On June 1, Ford learned of a problem after a dealer filed a warranty claim. The issue involved a 2023 F-150 that had only 3,600 miles on the clock. The vehicle’s owner reported that their truck had moved by itself when it was supposed to be secured by the parking pawl.

Ford Manufacturing Engineering discovered a unique pattern on the press curve of the pin to abutment cup, as per the documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This happened when the automaker examined a transmission that was sent back and found that its abutment cup was cracked.

By matching the cup press curve signature, it identified other transmissions from the same factory that were similar, and then tracked them by their serial numbers to two more Broncos. It concluded that a faulty alignment during the assembly process may have caused the abutment to crack.

The cup helps the parking pawl and the parking gear to fit together properly. If this part gets damaged, it could create debris that stop the pawl from locking fully. This means the vehicle may not stay in place even if it is in “park.” If the vehicle’s parking pawl has an issue, owners may see a “check engine” alert and also notice a sound from the transmission that signals something is wrong.

Ford has already attempted to contact the two owners. The company will reach out to them once more on August 21. They’ll be asked to bring their vehicles to a nearby dealer for a free transmission replacement.

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