Ford Offers Big Discount for F-150

Guess this is the time of year to sell and pick up things. Carmakers are preparing deals for Black Friday. Interestingly, the latest report from Ford Authority reveals that discounts are not only for slow-selling vehicles, but even the best-selling Ford F-150 is also getting price cuts. You may be happy to hear the numbers as they’re quite big, although they do come with conditions that aren’t too simple.

If you have ever grab a deal from Ford, you probably know that the company loves to give region-bound price cuts. New York City is perhaps the place where a full-size pickup truck is the last vehicle desired by people. But the biggest discount is there folks! It reduces the F-150’s price by $11,960. But it only applies to the 2019 F-150 XLT configured with the 302A package, as well as the Navigation, Luxury, and Power package. The choice is also limited to only the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6, making it so specific.

Outside the New York City, a $6,250 discount is being offered for a similarly-configured F-150 XLT, but buyers only need the 302A package. Los Angeles deal lets you get a $7,000 price reduction for any 2019 F-150 XLT you buy. Miami customers, meanwhile, are eligible for a $11,500 discount for just the F-150 XLT 4×4 SuperCrew. And as the similarity of figures suggest, all the requisites that are identical to those of the NYC deal are in place for the Miami discount. All the aforementioned deals are largely for 2019 models, although some 2020 cars are eligible for price cuts too.

In the world of automobiles, year-end deals are not new things, although it’s still possible for the Blue Oval to add some extra incentive to increase the sales of its F-150. In the third quarter of the year, the F-Series saw 6 percent decrease in sales compared to last year, while the overall sales through this year are reduced 2.4 percent. Although that’s not a big drop, it’s still worrying as the number comes from trucks, which are the Blue Oval’s best-selling products today.

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