Ford Mustang Super Cobra Jet is a 1,800-HP Monster

It seems like Ford Performance has raised the bar for electric drag vehicles with an output of over 1,800 horsepower.

On Twitter, Ford Performance has teased their latest iteration of an all-electric Ford Mustang drag racer, and it appears to be a significantly more potent machine than any electric car previously produced by the Blue Oval.

In the embedded video at the end of this post, the emphasis is on the wheel hub as it rotates. After the burnout concludes, the vehicle suddenly jolts forward, revealing its wheelie bars, parachute, part of the rear fascia, and notably, its emblem.

If you hit pause at the right time, it becomes apparent that this machine is a Mustang coupe billed as the Super Cobra Jet 1800.

The moniker Cobra Jet is familiar to enthusiasts of the Dearborn company; however, it has just recently become associated with EV performance.

Ford introduced the Mustang Mach-E 1400 in July 2020, boasting 1,400 hp to demonstrate the thrill of electric power. Later that same year, the Cobra Jet EV made its debut.

The original Cobra Jet was officially named with the addition of ‘1400’ to denote its overall power output that surpasses 1,400 hp, resulting in a quarter-mile time in the sub 8-second range.

Assuming what we see is real and the ‘1800’ label is actually there on the back, we can expect a behemoth that will effortlessly outperform a Rimac Nevera in a drag race.

The Mustang Mach-E 1400 and Cobra Jet 1400 were essentially prototypes intended to showcase the capabilities of performance EVs. It’s likely that this fresh addition, the Super Cobra Jet 1800, will also serve primarily as a promotional car.

Interestingly, Ford seems to have chosen the fifth-gen Mustang rather than the latest S650 – which has already given rise to a drift-capable model – as the foundation for this latest EV.

As the unveiling date approaches, it’s reasonable to assume that Ford will disclose more information about the rationale behind their decisions. The official debut is due to take place on 13 April.

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