Ford Mustang Gets Serious Discounts

Do you know what’s good about declined car sales for shoppers? Increased incentives, that’s for sure, even though that’s not always the case for every model.

But lucky you if the Ford Mustang is what you want to buy at the moment, because there are incentives set for the muscle car, as reported by Cars Direct. So yes, sluggish sales do bring some benefits to buyers. At least, that could motivate automakers to make their products more buyable.

The report said that the Blue Oval has recently notified dealers on the enactment of a number of discounts with the highest overall value can reach $4,250 depending on the vehicle grade and location.

As an opening, a $1,000 rebate applies for each Mustang. If you want more, buy cars that have been sitting in dealer lots for about two months or 61 days to be exact, because they qualify for an additional $750 price cut. Want a more strategic purchase? Choose the EcoBoost, which was already the subject of a $1,500 price reduction.

Concluded mathematically, you can get the EcoBoost with a discount of $3,250 applied to the entry-level model, the base cost in the Mustang realm is cut to only $23,420.

A bigger discount can be found in the EcoBoost Premium trim, which amounts to $3,500. But wait, we still haven’t counted that extra incentive of $750 applied to 61-day vehicles. In total, you can get the highest discount of $4,250, and it also downs the cost of the four-pot to just above $27,000.

For the buyers of the V8 Mustang, in particular, the GT is being offered with a $2,750 rebate, making it $3,500 more affordable after the additional $750 incentive. We’re sorry if what you’re curious about are the GT350 or GT500, because we don’t hear anything about them. All the deals mentioned above will be valid until November 13.

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