2023 Ford GT MK IV Supercar is Coming

If you think that the story of the Ford GT is over, you’re wrong. Ford did say the LM Edition was the last sendoff for its iconic supercar.

But it didn’t tell you that there was still something else up its sleeve. The Blue Oval was actually hiding another special model. To everyone’s surprise, it has now been unleashed as a track-only beast called the Ford GT Mk IV.

You probably know that the GT in its standard form is already a powerful machine, featuring extensive lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum in its construction, in addition to advanced aerodynamics.

That’s not enough for the Mk IV, though, so every aspect of the vehicle is further improved to push the boundaries of performance.

Under the hood of this new GT lies an 800-hp Ecoboost V6 engine to motivate it with a great driving force. It also boasts a racing transmission, Multimatic’s Adaptive Spool Valve suspension, and a beautiful longtail body.

While other GTs were designed to appear with a racing aura, this model actually has racing performance to back its credentials.

It’s specifically crafted to pay homage to its ancestor the 1967 GT Mk IV. The 2023 car is also more stable than any other GTs thanks to its longer wheelbase.

To produce maximum track performance, the 2023 Ford GT Mk IV brings back its past’s excellence and takes it to the next level.

With first-rate motorsport engineering in its class and an all-new carbon fiber body, the model deserves to be the final send-off of the 3rd-gen supercar.

Ford will make only 67 Mk IV copies at Multimatic’s facility in Markham, Ontario; each of which will cost from $1.7 million.

Those who want to buy the last GT will be required to go through a new application process. Delivery is set to start in late spring 2023.

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