First-Gen NSX Could Be The Most Reliable Supercar Ever

The Honda or Acura NSX isn’t just a nice car, it’s an outstanding supercar that delivers loads of fun driving experiences for any person fortunate enough to sit in the driver’s seat. But being a great car also means that finding one with a lot of mileage isn’t very hard. In fact, they’re quite common.

Richard Graves, a fan of the NSX, shows the highest mileage examples of the supercar that he knows of in a recent video for VINwiki. He has some expertise on the topic, since he bought a car with 200,000 miles on the odometer.

He says an NSX with that many miles on it isn’t that remarkable, even though it’s a mid-engine supercar from the 1990s. He thinks there are many of them in the world. He has even added another 100,000 miles to the Acura since he bought it, and he doesn’t think that’s impressive either.

According to Graves, there are many first-gen NSXs that have reached 300,000 miles. He can easily name a dozen of them that have gone over 300,000 miles, he says.

He explains that the cars are about three decades old now, so they didn’t need much driving each year to have a lot of miles on them today. And since their engines and transmissions are very reliable, it’s not difficult to keep them running for that long.

NSX engines are so strong that owners can either boost them to have much more power than they originally had, or keep them as they are and drive them endlessly. He suggests that, if you want to buy a first-gen NSX, you should care more about how well it was maintained than how many miles it has.

The car with the most miles on it has definitely gone over 400,000 miles. Honda gave an official “highest-mileage” plaque to an NSX that had 443,000 miles a few years ago. But Graves says there’s an NSX in Austria that has gone further. That vehicle has been used frequently and had clocked roughly 470,000 miles.

It’s hard to know for sure which NSX has the most miles, because the answer can change over time. But with a couple of cars nearing 500,000 miles, it’s clear that the NSX upholds reliability which is the hallmark of Honda.

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