First-Ever Ferrari F50 is Ready to Break Your Bank Balance

Autosport Designs has put up for sale a very interesting item that will attract the eyes of every Ferrari enthusiast. What it has is a gorgeous Ferrari F50 which is also a piece of 90’s history for the Italian sports car manufacturer.

First introduced in 1995, this is the exact Ferrari F50 which was unwrapped at the Geneva Motor Show that year. In other words, this is the first ever F50 built by the Italian auto giant. And this car wasn’t made just for show at the official announcement, but it’s fully operational.

Before its Geneva debut, the sports car was rigorously tested at the Firano racetrack, circling the Ferrari’s private circuit at full speed. It was also driven to full speed on the streets by several test drivers.

In the old days, this F50 was also famous as a toy model car. Many scale model makers like Tamiya, Burago, Revell and Maisto had used the Ferrari as the basis for their car toys. Not to mention that it was also featured in many Ferrari sales brochures, as well as many automotive books and magazines.

Ferrari thought it had to give the F50 a new owner, so it restored the car to its prime condition and sold it to Jacques Swaters, who owned it for nearly ten years. The car changed hands in 2007 to an US collector before anchoring a few years later in the garage of the current owner.

Without a doubt, this particular F50 is one of the most valuable used cars to ever be sold. The seller is offering the car with its original accessories and – of course – Ferrari Classiche certification.

Having a 4.7-liter V12 engine under its bonnet mated to a six-speed manual transmission, the F50 has driven just 1400 miles. No kidding, considering the low mileage that the iconic Ferrari has, we advise you not to ask about the price if you don’t have millions of dollars in your bank account.

Source: Autosport Designs

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