FCA Transforming Conner Plant into Museum

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) revealed its intention to set up a museum in Detroit where it can keep many of its precious automobile treasures. The chosen location for the museum is none other than the Conner Avenue Assembly plant, which used to be the assembly home of the Dodge Viper.

Since the powerful supercar has been discontinued August last year due to airbag regulations, FCA wants to – at least – breathe new life into its former plant. And of course, an automobile museum is what the company has in mind. Actually, the former plant will also function as a place for internal meeting.

The Conner Avenue Assembly will be called Conner Center in the future. It’s currently being cleaned from all the old items sprawling inside it.

There are more than 1,800 Dodge Viper-related items including signed hoods, key chains, artwork, and coffee mugs that have been discovered inside the Conner Avenue Assembly. FCA has made them available for purchase through a special auction to benefit United Way of Southeastern Michigan.

FCA will dedicate around 77,000 square-feet of floor space out of 400,000 that the Conner Center has to show off a rotation of up to 85 of the nearly 400 company’s historic and concept cars.

By setting up the museum – which is currently intended for internal use only – the company wants to share its history with its employees. And “with a storied history of its own”, the Conner Avenue Assembly is considered as the most appropriate place to showcase the company’s decades-old collection.

The Conner Center is expected to debut exclusively in the coming months, although FCA is considering to make it publicly available in the future.

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