Ever Seen a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6×6?

You know that your car needs a 6×6 setup when you often go off-road, because it’s necessary to tackle the tricky terrain. But what if your vehicle is a luxurious one? And it’s not just an ordinary car, but a hypercar? That would be beyond wild, wouldn’t it?

Undoubtedly, the current automobile industry almost never leaves something exclusive and ultra-expensive unsold. Even if there’s a one-off Bugatti Chiron Super Sport with a 6×6 configuration, it would definitely go on sale as wealthy buyers would want to have it in their garage no matter how much they’d have to pay for it.

If you think such a one-off beast wouldn’t sell due to its strangeness, you’re wrong. Because Bugatti is a big brand with a very high reputation in the world of automobiles. And even though a 6×6 Chiron wouldn’t perform as great as its standard counterpart, scarcity factor would still make it an extremely desirable machine.

Ever Seen a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6x6?

Unfortunately, we have to turn back to the fact that such a vehicle won’t happen. Yes, because it’s too weird and too wild at the same time. Bugatti loves performance in a car more than anything, and having six-wheel drive means adding more weight to the car, which easily translates into less performance. So it’s not a good thing for a Chiron. Furthermore, that drivetrain would significantly cut the vehicle’s efficiency and agility around corners, as well as making it more costly to maintain.

On the positive side, a 6WD configuration would allow the Chiron to enjoy better grip off the line. But since this is a high-performance car designed to be a quick runner, the extra weight would still countervail any traction advantage the monster might gain over a standard Chiron Super Sport.

Ever Seen a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6x6?

In terms of appearance, the interesting 6×6 concept you see here is much longer than a regular Chiron SS. Aksyonov Nikita who designed it had to relocate the original rear wheels a little forward to avoid getting a final look that is even longer than this.

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