The beast you see here is called the Edit g11, a Porsche 911 restomod with a retro twist. It’s based on the 997-generation of the iconic sports car, but features a design inspired by the original 911 created by Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche. In case you’re curious, the company behind the 997 restomod is none other than Edit Automotive, a new player in the Czech market.

When it comes to restomodding, we often think about revitalizing an old car by fitting new technologies and features onto it. This doesn’t appear to be a rule upheld by Edit Automotive, though. As shown by the way they built the g11. The car combines classic style with a pure driving experience, boasting the soul of the first 911. Instead of digital screens and gadgets, the restomod offers a simple and analog cockpit.

Still, it doesn’t compromise on comfort and safety. You can find features like air conditioning, heated seats, and traction control as some of the modern amenities. Moving out to the exterior, almost everything looks common, except for the rear end where you’ll get the strong feel of the 930-gen 911. The taillights are placed as low as possible, creating a distinctive look. The front end has also been revised a bit, with carbon fiber front and rear fascias.

Edit Automotive picked the 997 because it’s the last 911 model with hydraulic power steering, giving a pure mechanical feel to the driver. The company prefers the pre-facelift 997.1 as it has a more old-fashioned heart. They take any widebody 997 model, such as Carrera, Cabriolet 4, 4S, GTS, or 4 GTS, and strip it down to its bare bones, then replace worn-out parts with new ones.

The engines also receive upgrades, giving customers the option of a fully rebuilt 3.6-liter or 3.8-liter naturally aspirated engine with an extra 30 hp. A turbocharged version is also in the works, with 610 hp for RWD models and 670 hp for AWD models.

A custom exhaust system and Ohlins adjustable shocks complement the car, along with GT3 front brakes from the 997-gen 911. Carbon-ceramic brakes and a limited-slip differential are optional extras. The restomod can also be fitted with forged alloy wheels in a GT3-style design. Back to the interior, there are also a new steering wheel and redesigned upholstery as part of the restomod.

The g11 is the result of more than 5,000 hours of development, and each buyer can customize their own car. This machine is limited to 99 units, each with a unique plaque to show its rarity. The starting price is €170,000 or about $186,923.

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