Drag Race: Ford Explorer ST VS Dodge Durango SRT

Adopting turbocharging to get benefits in terms of both efficiency and performance, Ford has produced some amazing results with its GT and Raptor. However, when an EcoBoost emblem shows up, some people feel anxious that there’s something unpleasant about it.

Most of the time, motorheads don’t really like driving three-row SUVs, but if you plan to buy one of such vehicles that comes with a different taste from the others, you may want to watch this video first. Yes, the Explorer ST can be nice car for you, but the Durango SRT is pretty well as good non-premium choice.

You can’t expect a Trackhawk performance from the Durango SRT, but don’t underestimate the SUV, as it can still impress you. It has what it takes to do so is, namely the 6.4-liter V8 engine which punches out 475 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. The sound is quite awesome as well. On top of that, you won’t spot fake exhaust pipes on this car. So there’s no fakeness, only pure performance and a genuine soundtrack to enjoy.

Meanwhile, the all-new Ford Explorer ST is motivated by a powerplant less than half the size, namely the 3-liter V6 featuring twin turbochargers that cranks out 400 hp and 415 lb-ft of torque, on condition that it runs on premium gas. It’s paired to an evenly novel 10-speed automatic with a rotary shifter.

As the drag race between the two kicks off, the Explorer accelerates and crosses 8.96 seconds at 78.68 mph while the SRT passes 8.48 seconds at 82.41 mph. This simply means that Dodge has the right to describe its product as the fastest third-row American SUV.

Now to give you a more interesting story, 5Star Tuning has modified the Ford, injecting it with about 100 hp and 160 lb-ft more. If you want to know about how fast it is after the modification and how it stacks up against the Durango SRT, just watch the video below.

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