Dodge Viper Drag Races Fireball Viper

Drag race is undoubtedly one of the safer kinds of speed battle since opponents are concentrating on moving in a straight track and a dash continues only a few seconds. It doesn’t take hours like other types of racing. But if anything to go wrong at the strip, it will usually happen in breathtaking style. As a good example, you can watch the explosive break down of a wild Dodge Viper as it blows up its engine halfway during a quarter-mile run.

It’s certainly not a well-started race as you can see in the video. When the green light is on, only the red Viper launches, while for some reason the white one waits there for around a second. The latter finally takes off when its scarlet rival has already been a bit far ahead, but the driver’s pickle gets worse after that.

Approximately six seconds after the start, a liquid is seen spraying underneath the Viper. The high temperature then triggers fire from the fluid, turning the vehicle into an accelerating fireball machine. As if things aren’t bad enough, oil overlays the rear tires, and the car swerve onto the concrete wall. But wait, the disaster is not over yet, the Viper then rotates, and its back bangs into the fence on the left area of the track.

A mist of smoke shrouds the strip, and when the air is clear again, the driver is seen getting away from the mess. What a lucky guy! He is safe and sound and uninjured, although likely has some traumatized nerves following such a crazy ride. By the end of the video, an emergency team can be seen arriving to the scene.

After watching this incident, we all know that the Viper is currently due for some serious repairs. At least, a full powertrain remake is required. In addition, there has to be new bodywork for no less than the front fender, passenger area, and the entire rear bumper. More than that, there could be other areas that need to be repaired as well. In conclusion, this Viper won’t accept a drag race challenge again for a while.

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