Dodge Demon 170 to Rock Barrett-Jackson Auction as Last Call Lineage Culminates

In March, Dodge unveiled the Demon 170, marking the grand finale of the Last Call lineage of exclusive muscle cars. Not only does it hold the title as the most potent vehicle of its category currently on the market, but it also boasts unparalleled speed and acceleration in its class.

The impressive performance of the Demon 170 is all thanks to its powerhouse HEMI V8 engine tucked beneath the hood. With a supercharged 6.2-liter displacement, this engine generates 900 hp and 810 lb-ft of torque when fueled with E10. However, when using E85 fuel, those numbers skyrocket to an astonishing 1,025 hp and 945 lb-ft of torque.

At the end of March, Dodge initiated the ordering process for the Demon 170, with a limited production cap of 3,300 units. Each of these machines will carry a price tag of $99,666, excluding additional charges like destination and fees. To offer customization, Dodge provides a diverse range of choices, including 14 exterior colors and various interior options. However, despite the array of options, there’s still a chance that two Demons might bear a resemblance to each other in appearance.

For those seeking an exceptionally distinctive Demon 170, the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas at the end of the month presents an exciting opportunity. During this event, one of these remarkable cars will be auctioned off for charity. However, it’s worth noting that this particular Demon won’t be in its factory configuration, offering a unique and customized version to the lucky buyer.

The auction house has revealed an opportunity for the winning bidder, that is, they will have the exclusive privilege to customize the Demon 170 extensively. The owner will be able to choose any desired exterior color, expanding beyond the original 14 factory options. What’s more, the interior choices will expand to four different options. There will also be two graphics choices and carbon-fiber wheels to add further personalization to the car.

In a captivating twist, if the buyer happens to possess a 2018 SRT Demon (from the previous special edition release), they will have the opportunity to request a matching VIN for their new car, subject to availability. This matching VIN option adds a great element to the pair, potentially creating a collector’s ensemble that will make waves in the collectors’ community.

While the price for the customized Demon 170 has not been disclosed, it’s likely to surpass the regular manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the other models. The significant selling price will likely be driven by the charitable aspect of the auction. The entire proceeds from the sale will be directed towards Kristi House, a Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing treatment, advocacy, and service coordination within a nurturing environment for children who have experienced various forms of trauma.

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