Dead Chevy Cruze Gets Up to $3,000 Price Cut

Chevrolet axed its Cruze earlier this year. Yes, the nameplate met its demise thanks to General Motor’s structure transformation that shifts forward the company’s resources to boost the growth of its SUVs, crossovers, trucks, EVs, and self-driving cars.

Slow car sales due to people moving to high-riding cars have prompted GM to do this. Although the Cruze isn’t produced anymore, it’s actually still buyable, but this time with a big price reduction to sweeten the deal.

As reported by GM Authority, the discount is on offer until September 3, giving you a nice chance to get the Cruze with an up to $3,000 price cut. At the moment, a couple of hot deals are available. One will give $2,250 cash back with the potential for additional $750 if shoppers finance with GM Financial.

Dead Chevy Cruze Gets Up to $3,000 Price Cut

In other words, it makes a new Cruze $3,000 cheaper than normal. The other deal lets customers buy the car with 0 percent loans for 60 months and $500 off when financing with GM Financial.

Models that are eligible for these deals are the 2019 Cruze LS, LT, Premier, and Diesel saloon and hatchback. You won’t get either incentive if you buy the Cruze L. The saloon variant of the Chevy Cruze starts at $19,995 for the LS, $22,595 for the LT, $24,395 for the Premier, and $26,495 for the Diesel.

As for the hatchback, the starting price is $20,495 for the LS, $22,995 for the LT, $24,895 for the Premier, and $26,995 for the Diesel. Prices don’t include destination fee.

Dead Chevy Cruze Gets Up to $3,000 Price Cut

It’s worth noting that the deals are subject to change, and only qualified buyers can grab them. But it’s really interesting to see the 2019 Cruze being offered with such big incentives. Apparently, Chevy is in a hurry to sell out the compact car as the automaker is about to focus on future self-driving and high-riding machines.

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