Coming Soon: Ford’s First Mass-Market Electric Car

Prior to this, Ford had discussed plans to revive the Mustang Mach 1 in the form of a crossover EV. Nearly the whole idea is considered strange by most Mustang fans. As a result, the automaker reversed course on the moniker while maintaining the idea, which now has been converted into reality, as we see that a video teaser has emerged to give us a glimpse of the new model’s appearance.

The clip was first shared on, then the American manufacturer uploaded it to its website and social media. Having a duration of 22 seconds, the video shows us a life-scale clay model and a line sketch of the upcoming crossover.

The date on the video indicates when the car will debut, and incidentally it’s Sunday adjacent to press days at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. For now, not much information can be obtained about this vehicle. We only know that it takes inspiration from the Mustang and it will become the Blue Oval’s first mass-market electric car.

If many carmakers rush to embrace electrification, then Ford is one of those that move slowly in this regard. But at least with the emergence of the teaser of the Mustang-based SUV, we know that the automaker will eventually go electric as well. It will throw something new and interesting into the crossover market to make the competition tighter.

While the development seems to be going well, name is probably the most difficult thing to determine for the new EV model. Ford must be careful because it’s a sensitive thing that can satisfy or disappoint many Mustang lovers if the company chooses the wrong word. But we found that Mach-E seems to be a candidate to be used since it has been mentioned some times. Anyway, it won’t be a more classic moniker like Falcon or Maverick being brought back, which is very unlikely.

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