The Citroen My Ami Buggy is unquestionably stylish—a compact, doorless electric off-roader with an irresistibly cute design. That’s why it’s easily likeable.

What’s more, customer response to it surpassed even Citroen’s expectations. It didn’t take long for the My Ami Buggy to sell out, with all 800 units ordered within 10 hours of availability.

At 11 a.m. CEST on Tuesday, June 20, the automaker commenced sales of the little cutie, but the entire online stock was exhausted before the day concluded.

Prior to 2023, the My Ami Buggy was exclusively offered in France. But this year Citroen expanded its availability to buyers in other markets.

In contrast to last year, when all 50 units were sold in under 17-and-a-half minutes, Belgian customers showed even greater enthusiasm for the car this year. All 65 units of the micro-EV were claimed a mere 9 minutes after order availability.

This year, the 430 available units of the My Ami Buggy offered to French customers were fully reserved within a swift two-hour timeframe. During that period, sales reached an impressive peak of 300 units per hour, highlighting the strong customer interest in the vehicle.

There’s one customer from Spain who stood out as the most enthusiastic, or perhaps the most skilled at online shopping, among all. That one person managed to order a My Ami Buggy within just 1 minute and 10 seconds, which was remarkably fast.

In 2023, Citroen made a total of 800 units of the vehicle available for online purchase. Customers in France, the UK, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Luxembourg had the opportunity to buy the My Ami Buggy.

An additional batch of 200 units is currently being manufactured, with plans to sell them during the summer in Morocco, Turkey, and French overseas territories.

Originally, the My Ami Buggy was built purely as a concept car. It was the fans’ overwhelming admiration for the micro EV that led Citroen to move forward with its production. The car has its top speed capped at 28 mph (45 km/h). It features steel hoops in place of doors, robust steel wheels, roof frames, and a matte paint finish.

Customers can expect to receive their brand-new My Ami Buggy starting in September. The prices for this charming vehicle range from €7,790 to €10,450 ($8,560 to $11,483).

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