The white Chevy may look cool, but unless you’re a cop or an arrested criminal, you won’t be able to enjoy its ride. Yes, this new Blazer EV is designed for the police force.

The 2024 electric Blazer from General Motors’ GM Evolve division has a special Police Pursuit Vehicle Package that offers many features for the convenience of police officers on duty and their fleet managers who want to save on repair costs.

The PPV is a modified version of the regular Blazer SS package, but it has 20-inch steel wheels with Brembo brakes, skid plates under the body and a certified speedometer. It also sports power folding mirrors and a rear camera mirror, although the liftgate is manual because it’s faster to open than an electric one. The Protected Idle mode lets the car stays powered and unlocked for 20 to 50 hours when the battery is fully charged.

The EV comes with front seats that have cloth specifically made for police and can fit duty belts and vests, and a vinyl bench in the back. It also offers many options, such as a detective package that includes a retail center console, carpeted flooring and cloth rear seats, a package that locks the rear doors and windows, wiring for siren speakers, Whelen ION lights on each corner of the car, and a DLR-delete option for more stealthy stakeouts.

This Blazer sits on GM’s Ultium platform – just like all other variants, but it has a twin-motor, and all-wheel drive powertrain with 498 hp, which is less than the 557 hp of the SS for civilians. However, it can still go up to 130 mph and has good acceleration and handling thanks to the low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution.

Its 402 km range is said to be effective even with emergency gear activated. A fast charging time of 10 minutes is enough for 114 km of driving. The car is also covered by a GM warranty of 8 years or 160,000 km. These features make it attractive for police forces who want to buy a fleet of electric cars.

Chevy said the Blazer RS will come out this year, but the Blazer SS will be delayed until spring 2024. The PPV will probably be ready around then too.

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