Following the introduction of the Super Sport under the Malibu SS emblem for the 1964 model year, Chevrolet made the strategic choice to elevate the Chevelle SS 396 into its own independent series in 1966.

This move proved advantageous, particularly since the SS 396 served a distinct role compared to its standard counterpart.

The car’s engine options were solely limited to the 396 series, featuring a base variant producing 325 hp and a top-tier choice with 375 hp.

In a shift of direction for the 1969 model year, Chevrolet reverted to its previous approach, reintegrating the SS 396 as an optional package for the standard Chevelle.

Additionally, the company made adjustments to the available engine lineup, with the most frequently selected option seeing a reduction in output, now delivering 350 hp compared to the previous 360.

This 1969 Chevelle SS 396 runs on the same engine. The car looks amazing in the photos, as you can see. The car has never left the garage, according to the eBay seller number1team.

As a vehicle that has always been indoors, the Chevelle SS has a very low mileage. The owner says the 26,000 miles (about 41,000 km) on the odometer are original. The car manages its power with a 4-speed transmission.

The car parted with the original owner in 2003 and has been in good condition ever since. It still sports the original paint and some rare parts, such as the factory spare wheel and tire.

The metal is pristine on the classic, which is rare for most original Chevelles that suffer from rust on the floors and trunk.

A Chevelle SS 396 is not a cheap car. The reason is it has everything a collector would want. It still has very low mileage, the original paint, the original drivetrain, and a clean interior. The owner is asking for $110,000 to sell the car.

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