Chevrolet Camaro Production Ending in 2023

The sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro may look somewhat controversial in terms of design. Some people call it a mistake, but perhaps it could also be viewed as a desperate attempt to bounce back after a fall.

Although Chevy doesn’t exactly tell the public, its Camaro has been seeing sales decline faster than its rivals, particularly the Ford Mustang. Last year, the company only managed to sell 50,963 units, which is a 25% drop over 2017. The worst part about the decline is that it continues a downward trajectory recorded since 2014, when the Camaro sold 86,297 units.

Chevrolet Camaro Production Ending in 2023

To put it simply, the sixth-generation Camaro isn’t selling as well as the fifth-generation model did. And even the fifth-gen Camaro needed to receive extremely positive reviews through its 2006 concept to confirm that it was indeed worth launching before a final version was actually made and sold in 2009, breathing new life into the Camaro after its production was halted since 2002 due to slow sales.

Currently, the Camaro’s sales have reached a very low point that the muscle car‘s situation is apparently just as bad as when it was killed in 2002, if not worse. According to a new report by Muscle Cars and Trucks, the Camaro will once again repeat its old bad luck: discontinuation.

Chevrolet Camaro Production Ending in 2023

A number of insiders within General Motors claimed, according to the report, that the development of the seventh-gen Camaro has been called off following the sales plunge, which is pretty much a strong indication of discontinuation. However, there’s another report that said the development is simply “delayed until further notice,” and not cancelled.

So we’re not really sure what will happen to the next-geneneration Camaro as the muscle car’s future is currently up in the air. But at least at the moment, there’s a signal that Chevy will keep the Camaro in production until the sixth-generation life cycle is completed in 2023.

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