Cheapest Honda Electric Car Costs $7,300

Here you’re looking at an EV that costs $7,300. Yes, that’s right! And out of all automakers, of course Honda is the one that makes it.

This affordable van has been announced and is scheduled to hit the market in 2024. It’s said to be suitable for both personal and business commuting.

The minicar is based on the N-VAN which was introduced in 2018. This one, however, is priced from 1 million yen or roughly $7,300 according to the current exchange rate.

Honda is responding to the increasing demand for personal and business electric cars by making an EV that offers user friendliness, flexibility, and a large storage space.

According to the Japanese automaker in its press release, the new electric van will be very quiet and capable of quick acceleration thanks to its electric powerplant.

There’s still no detailed info about performance; what we know so far is Honda wants to reach a driving range of 200 km or 124 miles.

The company believes that this range is sufficient to meet various needs, including commercial commuting, going to school or work, daily shopping, and hobby use. With a low price tag, Honda expects fast market acceptance of the electric car.

This new light EV is undergoing multiple tests in various business scenarios before its release in spring 2024. Honda’s longer-term plans for electrification include building 30 new electric car models that will be rolled out worldwide by 2030.

Following the reveal of new electric moped designs and Gogoro-style battery exchange stations, we can see that the Japanese automaker is beginning to take electrification more seriously than before.

Now with its new electric van, which is super compact and offers a limited range, it’s trying to make the Japanese EV market – where the van will be released – more lively.

It’s no surprise that Honda’s electrification move prioritizes the minicar segment of Japan, since that’s where the company wants to accelerate the spread of EVs, hence why it’s starting to develop light electric cars.

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