Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen 250GD Wolf Beautifully Restored

A new custom-built Mercedes G-Wagen has come to amaze our eyes. Guess who’s responsible behind this car’s customization? They’re none other than the Expedition Motor Company who is dedicated in the restoration of the classic ‘Wolf’. This particular model is a 1991 250GD, the restoration of which took over 1,000 hours. That’s actually unsurprising given … Read more

1959 Cadillac Roadster DeVille is a Virtually Nice Vehicle

It’s just normal if you don’t know about the thing that is pictured here, because it never entered reality from the start. But the creator of these images calls it a Cadillac, particularly a classic one that puts together two different stylings of two famous General Motor cars. That is the fruit of Abimelec Design‘s … Read more

This is Perhaps The Most Brutal-Looking Classic Ford Pickup 6×6

An off-road vehicle usually won’t use a six-wheel configuration. Why? Because it’s more inhibiting the potential of the car than unleashing it. In fact, the challenge will increase when another powered axle is added to a vehicle, making its performance more difficult to control. In addition, such a setup isn’t affordable. For that reason, the … Read more

Resurrected 1959 Porsche 356 Takes New Form

After doing a custom Porsche 911 several months ago, Emory Motorsports has done its best again with its new project. This time a lucky old Porsche has been brought back to life through the firm’s magical touch. The ultra-classic 356 is now called the ‘Transitional’ Speedster. Although its current appearance won’t convince you, but this … Read more