Cadillac Celestiq Generates Too Much Customer Demand

2023 is expected to be a new era for Cadillac. Through its latest electric sedan, the brand wants to alter its image in the automobile industry.

This attempt has apparently been welcomed as indicated by flooding Celestiq customers. According to the model’s chief engineer Tony Roma, if every order Cadillac receives converts to a sale, the new EV will be sold out for around 18 months.

Roma spoke to Autoline After Hours about Cadillac’s plan to limit production to just 2 units per day. The Celestiq is a special product due to the fact that it’s largely hand-crafted and each copy is expected to have some uniqueness.

It will also be a potent sedan as GM says it will give the owner about 600 hp to play with, in addition to 640 lb-ft of torque.

Such qualities and great performance figures, though, weren’t enough to convince many that the Cadillac Celestiq would be a high-demand EV at $300,000, not until the reality confirms that.

Unmistakably, the electric sedan deserves that price tag as proven by its number of “hand-raisers” that exceed its estimated production volume “in the first year, 18 months”, according to Roma.

Having said that, hand raisers essentially don’t equal converted orders – in case you don’t know. While customers may be queuing for the Cadillac Celestiq today, they could still cancel their purchases for some reason if they want to.

There are no words from the American marque on the number of converted orders it has at the moment. But customers who are serious about taking the Celestiq home will love its highly-developed features.

The EV boasts not just two, but five HD screens include a pair of 12.6-inch back-seat screens and a 55-inch center infotainment display. There’s also a glass roof panel with easy opaque control at the touch of a button.

GM says the Cadillac Celestiq’s full production will commence in late 2023, and deliveries will begin shortly afterwards.

With this fact in mind, if all hand-raisers really convert, then customers who are still not on the order list won’t be able to buy the electric sedan until 2025.

For Cadillac, however, even converting 50% of the orders is enough to prove that the Celestiq is a very desirable model.

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