Bye Bye Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle has been on the market for 80 years, making the model much older than us and you, unless you’re 81 or even older. And yes, the rear-engine Beetle has a lot of fans. It’s easily loved by classic car enthusiasts thanks to its old-fashioned but sweet look that evokes nostalgic memories of the past. It’s so unfortunate that today we hear the iconic car has to go.

There will be no more Beetles produced, that’s what Volkswagen announced. The cute car will be discontinued in 2019. However, to make you remember the long decades the Beetle has gone through, a pair of final edition models will be rolled out next year, consisting of a hardtop and a convertible.

According to Volkswagen Group CEO Hinrich Woebcken, the reason behind the axing of the Beetle is that the automaker now focuses on bigger businesses, namely electric cars and larger family-friendly vehicles. If you’re a Beetle fan, you may be disappointed to hear this. But time really has passed a lot for Volkswagen that it needs to adjust its focus to the present.

Of course the likes of the Herbie will always be remembered by its fans, although the Beetle will be dead. Because it was the one that made a real opening for the model, back in 1968 with its film “The Love Bug”, that sparked its popularity and led to 423,000 unit sales. From then on the Beetle has become something of a cultural icon. Even these days we still see the Herbie setting records at auctions, indicating its timeless fame.

First designed in 1930s, the Beetle’s full mass production actually didn’t begin until 1945. The car was originally made for those who can’t really afford buying a four-wheeler. So the rear-wheel-drive economy VW came low cost as a ‘people’s car’, which means that everyone could buy it, not only the rich.

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