Bugatti SUV is Coming?

SUV is undoubtedly the hottest car segment today. The pull of its sales is so strong that there are hardly any brands that can resist producing SUVs. Those who initially showed no interest eventually decided to make one. Among the automakers that say ‘no’ to SUVs is Bugatti.

So if you’ve ever imagined such a vehicle coming from the marque, then know that it’s an opposed idea. Well, at least that’s what the company’s boss said earlier this year. But people do change their mind, right? And this could possibly happen to Bugatti as well – if the latest report from Automobile Magazine is to be believed.

Bugatti SUV is Coming?

The report – which fuels the persisting rumors – doesn’t only say that the supercar maker wants to build a SUV so badly, but it also suggests the upcoming SUV could pack an all-electric powertrain borrowed from Rimac Automobili. In July, Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess visited Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim, France, presumably to plan the brand’s future. The automaker is eager to launch a second model and SUV is thought to be the preferred option.

As the report goes, Edag is said to help develop Bugatti’s first crossover with Magna could be tasked with producing the vehicle. At the same time, the French boutique automaker also allegedly used its Porsche connection to hold talks with Rimac. According to the publication, the result of the talks is the Croatian EV manufacturer would give Bugatti access to its 1,850-hp powertrain that’s already used by the C_Two and Pininfarina Battista.

Bugatti SUV is Coming?

Honestly, the report sounds a bit unconvincing from this point. As we all know, Bugatti still has the Chiron in the production, so why would it want to make an 1850-hp crossover that would overpower its much-praised hypercar? Besides, 600 units is a high annual production number for such a monstrous car that beats the Chiron in power. And by being a likely more affordable, common SUV, it would bring that big power down from exclusive to ordinary level, which wouldn’t sit right with Bugatti’s current customers.

The story could be different though, if some things change, and the crossover might still come, but it would be better not to disturb Chiron’s glory. If it doesn’t come with Rimac’s EV powertrain, there’s a chance it could feature a new architecture reportedly to be under development for the Porsche 918 Spyder replacement.

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