Bugatti Chiron Quarter Mile Time Can Be Beaten?

How fast can a Bugatti Chiron go? You will only know if you understand how to make it run fast

In spite of its capacity, the Bugatti Chiron is a difficult machine for drag race. It’s difficult to understand, the way it works is a bit complicated even for most owners.

The Chiron is an amazingly fast vehicle – there’s no doubt about it – that can produce a blistering acceleration hard to match. However, just like the Veyron, its monstrous performance seems to be locked away so as not to be used carelessly. As shown in the video from Drag Times, unleashing the Chiron’s full power isn’t as simple as stepping on the gas.

After the $3.4-million hypercar coming off a flatbed truck, the guys from Drag Times want to test its launch control system. Unluckily, issues emerge when they attempt to use it on the drag strip. The Chiron creeps off the starting line and experiences difficulty achieving 50mph or 80km/h.

In the next attempt, the crew lets the car sprint without the launch and traction control. The outcomes are just barely ahead of the pack. The Chiron has some wheelspin amid the move to second. At the point when the tires regained grip, the shock is sufficient to oust the telemetry device off the dashboard mount and thump it into the passenger seat. However, the Chiron still does the quarter mile in 11.09 seconds.

Things at last begin working on the third go. The launch control system is active and able to function properly. This time the Chiron clears the quarter mile in 9.9 seconds, although the car still seem to experience a bit more wheelspin.

The folks at Drag Times figure they can push the Chiron to get better results once they comprehend of the hypercar’s large number of driving modes and complex configurations. 9.9 seconds is certainly not the best result the Chiron can achieve, especially when a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon can crack 9.83 seconds. Surely we don’t think that the more ground-breaking Bugatti can be beaten by the American muscle car, not when its potential is fully unlocked.


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