Bollinger B1, B2 Tough Electric Trucks Cost $125,000

For fans of hardcore off-road cars, get ready to welcome the arrival of two monsters that will fascinate you. These aren’t just any off-roaders, but ones with pure-electric performance, namely the Bollinger B1 SUV and B2 crew cab pickup.

Scheduled to be produced next year, both cars have the same price tag, which is $125,000. However, they won’t be delivered until 2021, so the wait is quite long but it’s worth it. If you want to secure a build slot today, you’ll need to pay $1,000 in advance as a refundable deposit.

Under the skin, the two vehicles are powered by a pair of electric motors, one driving each axle. The motors generate a combined output of 614 horsepower and 668 pound-feet of torque. Electrification relies on a 120 kWh battery pack good for an EPA-estimated driving range of 200 miles. Both trucks can also perform regenerative braking and use AC and DC fast charging.

According to Bollinger, the B1 and B2 come with 10 inches of wheel travel and 15 inches of ground clearance. They also have a hydro-pneumatic suspension system that can be manually adjusted for 5 inches of extra height or low. If owners want to shift the truck between low and high range, they can do it too via a column-mounted shifter tied to an electronic actuator. As for the electronic locking differentials, they can be engaged through toggle switches on the dashboard.

Judging from their design and features, both black-painted machines can no doubt be fun off-road vehicles. Their carbon-kevlar underride guards are there to reduce catching rocks, roots or branches. Meanwhile, their doors, windshields, and windows are easily removable so as to provide an adjustable and enjoyable driving experience depending on the terrain – just don’t go too far from charging stations.

The interiors of both vehicles feature the same four seats with heating. Seat covers are available in three choices: cloth, leather, and vegan leather. In addition, there are also IP68 light strips, waterproof LED dome lights, heating, air conditioning, 110v AC outlets (with the option of 220 volt output), wood floor strips and chrome and aluminum trim. The whole interior can stand water immersion to a depth of up to 36 inches.

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