BMW’s Diesel Offerings Coming to an End in the US

Ready to embrace the new era of electrification, BMW will discontinue all diesel cars in the US. That’s right! All the automaker’s diesel models will be killed after the 2018 model year. So if you fancy a new diesel-fueled BMW, you better hurry and get one while you still have a chance. From now on the company will focus on the development of hybrid technology instead.

The reason behind this shift is a signficant decrease in US diesel sales while at the same time plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) have been selling much better and better. This killing of diesel machines is a pretty sudden step taken by BMW, given that it still has models like the 2018 540d xDrive, which has just made its come back to the US in February, and the sedan is about to be discontinued already. The optional diesel powerplant for the X5 will also be gone.

The other models that diesel lovers will miss include the 3 Series 328d and the 5 Series 540d xDrive. If you check out BMW North America’s online configurator now, you will find that the 540d and the X5 35d have already been removed, and the impending premiere of the 2019 G20 3 Series will soon get the 328d removed as well.

It looks like the 328d sedan will be the US’ last diesel-powered car from a German marque. Previously, Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche have also ended their diesel offerings in the US, except for the Porsche Cayenne which has its engine supplied by VW. For 2018, Mercedes-Benz has taken the same path by not giving any diesel options for American customers.

As for BMW, the company doesn’t rule out the possibility of returning diesel in the US. It’s just waiting for a command from the market. If the demand for diesel ever increases again, then of course the machine will be offered again.

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