An all-electric M3 is in the works at BMW, as per reports. The EV is slated to debut in the next four years and will probably be based on the Neue Klasse platform.

The platform was showcased by the Vision Neue Klasse Concept, which revealed the design direction of the next-generation 3-Series. The new M3 is expected to adopt a similar style.

Talking to Carsales journalists, BMW’s product development chief, Frank Weber, announced that the German automaker is indeed working on an all-new M3 EV.

BMW will also have a gas-powered option available. Weber confirmed that the M3 EV will be sold next to an ICE counterpart, which will have a new engine. It will probably be based on the current six-cylinder S58 that meets the Euro 7 standards.

The new battery-powered M3, on the other hand, could have the potential to produce up to a combined 1,341 hp of power from four individual electric motors. BMW has already revealed a quad-motor EV concept and continues to develop a zero-emission prototype that uses the i4 platform and has an M3 front.

The Neue Klasse platform could handle up to 1,341 hp, according to Weber, but he didn’t reveal whether the upcoming M3 would feature such a quad-motor drivetrain or a certain amount of maximum power.

What’s clear though, is that any ICE variant would be left in the dust if the M3 EV could crank out that kind of output. The current car can only manage 542 hp in its most powerful CS form. However, we think that an ICE M3 wouldn’t be just about the numbers, but rather about offering a choice for those who would want to stick to the sounds and feelings of gas-powered machines.

The EV version would have little sound, Weber acknowledged, but he claimed that the car’s performance would compensate for that drawback. An electric architecture would give drivers complete control over the drivetrain, the BMW product development chief also stated.

That will involve the option to experiment with rear-wheel-biased modes. The car will also be able to use each wheel’s individual controls, which indicates that some serious torque vectoring capabilities are on the way.

The new electric M3 could arrive in 2027, shortly after the debut of the first Neue Klasse model in 2025, Weber said. He added that BMW wanted to unleash the potential of M to the EV world as soon as possible, close to the start of production of the Neue Klasse model.

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