BMW M Performance Parts Concept Shows How to Lighten Your M2

If you want to lighten your BMW M2 in a costless way, of course removing items from the trunk is the best thing you can do. But if you are reluctant to do that, or money is not your problem, then BMW has an interesting offer you can grab. It can help you cut your car’s weight by up to 60kg if you want to spend $14,000 for the items showcased on the recently-launched M Performance Parts concept.

Buying those performance items may not going to take your M2 to the Competition level, but it will definitely upgrade your car with some unique parts that the M2 Competition doesn’t have.

BMW knows it very well that features like the carbon-fiber diffuser, mirror covers, and performance exhaust tips are no new to M2 guys. That’s why it introduced additional items include a carbon fiber bonnet, roof, and decklid; as well as front and side panels, front-fender flares, sill plates, and a radiator grille. A new battery will also be available for purchase, and it’s 14kg lighter than the standard version.

BMW M Performance Parts Concept Shows How to Lighten Your M2

The M Performance Parts concept car tries to show some gold paint no matter from which angle it is seen. The parts that collect gold color most are the 19-inch wheels, which are offered with optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires costing $5495. At the rear, a revised spoiler can be seen in the form of two bulges, replacing the old, standard one.

The mass is also reduced from the inside thanks to the Alcantara carbon fiber sports seats with gold accents that saves 22kg. In addition, it’s worth noting that the concept would have been much lighter had it packed the M2’s standard six-speed manual instead of its own dual-clutch autobox.

There’s still another claimed advantage of employing the newly-unveiled aero goods, that is (besides reducing weight) they can improve downforce as well. BMW also offers a better suspension system with the new coilover boasting 12 compression and 16 rebound modes.

If you want to get those M Performance Parts, some of them are available now; like the diffuser, winglets, and suspension; while the others including the decklid will need a pretty long wait until 2019.