BMW 8 Series Convertible Spotted Sunbathing in the Desert

It’s natural for open-roof cars to get exposed to the sun, hence BMW has to make certain that its upcoming 8 Series Convertible can be a strong heat endurer. The German car maker lets you see a couple of photos showing the Convertible test mule exploring the desert.

The BMW 8 Series Convertible has had a nice hot day in the Western US where the engineers put it through its paces from Las Vegas to California’s Death Valley, seriously challenging the vehicle’s components as a whole in resisting the heat.

The Convertible was taken to the Mojave Desert for a scorching-treatment of around 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The purpose was to see if features like sensors, displays, cameras, connectivity, automatic climate control, and electronic components still work perfectly despite the very hot weather.

BMW 8 Series Convertible Spotted Sunbathing in the Desert

Of course, the dust resistance of the soft top’s multilayer insulation and roof mechanisms were also tested when the 8 Series went through the desert’s edge, the stop-and-go stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard, and the Whitney’s gravel roads.

The engineers also take the 8 Series to the Hoover Dam, which has a powerful magnetic field good for testing the car’s electronics whether they’re disturbed or not when there are strong magnetic pulses around them. BMW didn’t say a thing about the launch date, it only suggested that the Convertible is still in a fairly long testing phase.

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