Bloodhound LSR Car is in Action Again: Approaching 500 MPH

If you want to feel so thrilled by land speed, perhaps the best thing you can do is sitting in a car that is powered by a jet engine and light the afterburner. Yes, the video of the Bloodhound LSR in this article is a clear statement that there’s nothing better than that.

And while the action looks rather unexciting from your screen, it actually gives an extraordinary thrill to the driver Andy Green who sits in the car. If it doesn’t, they won’t do it again and again. Previously, we’ve seen such acceleration where the Bloodhound hit 334 mph without much effort. And Green makes driving this incredible monster looks so easy, whereas in fact, it requires a great skill as this machine is literally running at insanely high speed.

In particular, the clip shows the Bloodhound touching 461 mph at its testing place in South Africa. We thought we’d have to wait quite long enough to see the next progress, but we’re surprised as another new clip was released shortly after. It’s as if the updates are coming from the team almost as fast as the vehicle. In the next footage after this post, you’ll see Green and the Bloodhound LSR getting so close to 500 mph.

The team has been releasing their progress through the Bloodhound LSR channel on YouTube. So far, the testing chapter has gone smoothly. Higher-velocity runs have brought to light issues with scattered fragments denting panels at the rear of the car, but team gradually addressed the problems in every phase.

There’s one thing for sure – the vehicle seems to be ready to eventually breaking a new outright world land speed record. If you want to get the idea on how fast Bloodhound is going, you can watch the first video above, which shows the machine running from zero to 461 mph in a mere 34 seconds.

Currently, the world land speed record title belongs to the ThrustSSC, which hit a mind-blowing 763.035 mph or 1227.985 kph in October 1997. The achievement happened more than two decades ago, and as luck would have it, the driver of the jet-powered car was again, Green.

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