Audi’s All-Electric R8 Successor to Have 950 HP

Facing an uncertain fate, the Audi R8 is rumored to be discontinued after the outgoing generation. This, however, still hasn’t been confirmed. To make things even more interesting, the German automaker’s boss Bram Schot recently speculated about the potential replacement of the R8 and whether it will be a combustion model.

A report from Car Magazine says Audi has reached out to Rimac Automobili to join forces on a new electric supercar that would become the R8’s successor, but this is still unconfirmed too. If it really happens, though, such collaboration can be very exciting, as Audi will be working with the creator of the 1,900-hp all-electric C_Two.

Audi's All-Electric R8 Successor to Have 950 HP

The Audi R8’s electric replacement will reportedly have the RS e-Tron moniker and will debut in 2023 or 2024. It’s thought to be produced in Audi’s Bollinger Hofe facility near Heilbronn, Germany, which is the same production home of the A6, A7, and A8.

Due to budget concerns, sources claim that Audi may have Rimac do a large part of its supercar’s development work. This could be one of several collaborations Rimac has recently worked on. The Croatian tech powerhouse is in partnerships with Kia and Hyundai to develop two EVs, and is rumored to team up with Bugatti as well.

Audi's All-Electric R8 Successor to Have 950 HP

Audi’s collaboration with Rimac would mean the latter supplying its fast-charge batteries and four-motor powertrain to the upcoming RS e-Tron that will allegedly make 950 horsepower. With that much power plus the technological support from Rimac, the supercar is said to be able to clear 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds. The publication also got words from insiders that the upcoming supercar will cost less than €200,000 ($185,000).

Rumor has it that the RS e-Tron will pack a 95-kWh solid-state battery with fast charging capability and a 300-mile driving range. In addition, the car will have active aerodynamics and a lightweight aluminum monocoque frame. The styling will probably to take inspiration from the PB18 e-tron electric supercar concept introduced in 2018.

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