Audi Starts Production of All-Electric E-Tron Ahead of Launch

The Audi E-Tron, “the world’s first certified CO2-neutral mass production in the premium segment”, is set to go official on September 17, but apparently Audi can’t wait to start making its first all-electric SUV. So the production kicks off now at the automaker’s Brussels plant.

Audi claims the E-Tron is “suitable” for daily use thanks to its long enough range. To further strengthen the aspect of driving comfort, the SUV also features a body specifically designed to silence its engine noise, so that it can provide a peaceful driving experience. If you want to break the calm from the inside, Audi also offers the 3D Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System with 16 loudspeakers as an option.

Made to be an everyday car, the E-Tron can go as far as 249 miles on a single charge, with the electric motor’s recuperation system could regenerate extra energy for up to 30 percent longer range. The acceleration is not too bad, it reaches 62 mph under 6 seconds. All of that is done with a power of 300 kW or around 400 HP. When the battery runs out, the E-Tron just needs to be recharged for 30 mins (maximum capacity is 150 kW) before it can cruise again.

Audi has equipped the E-Tron with its virtual side mirror system which consists of two small cameras on the left and right side of the SUV respectively, as well as 7-inch OLED displays that view the feed of the cameras and replace the wing mirrors. This feature won’t be present in the US models yet for regulatory reasons.

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