Audi S4 Drag Races Porsche 911 Turbo, Brutality Ensues

The Audi S4 is a vehicle that is more fun than you think, and the drag race you’re about to watch will prove that. This particular model has been heavily modified and become so powerful that there’s almost no better place for it than a drag strip.

This sleeper is basically an Avant variant of the B5-gen Audi S4 produced sometime between 1998–2002. That’s the car identity in plain view. If you look under the hood, however, you may be surprised to learn that this is actually an RS4. Yes, it packs a V6 powerplant from the RS4 of the same time frame, although the displacement has been bumped from 2.7 to 3.0 liters. Besides, the twin-turbo configuration now has far bigger Garrett GT3086s units.

Audi S4 Drag Races Porsche 911 Turbo, Brutality Ensues

Of course, there are many other modifications made to the car aside from the two mentioned above. But what’s more interesting to note than the modification itself is the results that it gives, namely an output boost to over 1,400 hp, which is transferred to all four wheels. Regarding the transmission, it seems to use a sequential unit.

Despite the massive improvement, the car still appears to be having a little trouble putting down its power during the takeoff time. This is probably due to the nonoptimal suspension setup. But overall, the car is able to show outstanding performance during the drag racing event it’s participated in. There it meets a Porsche 911 Turbo, meaning that this fight is full of brand rivalry.

Audi S4 Drag Races Porsche 911 Turbo, Brutality Ensues

The 911 Turbo has also been extensively modified to bring out its deepest potential, and 9ff is the tuner responsible for the modification. It’s not clear how potent the Porsche is, but since 9ff is the one signing it, you better believe that the rear-engined beast has four-figure output as well. It’s easy for the German tuning house to make it that wild, while starting from around 600 hp.

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