Audi R8 Successor Could Be a 1000-HP All-Electric Supercar

While we keep hearing rumors that there won’t be a third-gen version of the Audi R8, the latest report by Autocar suggests that an all-electric supercar is being considered to become the R8’s successor. The new model is said to retain the “R8” moniker but will get an “E-Tron” suffix that points out its identity as a fully-electric vehicle.

This decision is quite a surprise from Audi. Because the previous R8 E-Trons could hardly be called a success for the German company. The first one was born only as a concept and never really made it into production, while the second one got the ax shortly after selling less than 100 units. And now apparently Audi is optimistic that the third generation will have a better luck. Inspired by the PB18 E-Tron, the new R8 will reportedly arrive in 2022.

Last month, we have seen the PB18 E-Tron concept displayed in Pebble Beach, which packs 764 HP. It looks like the next four-wheel-drive R8 will be more powerful than that, with 1000 HP on tap. Its acceleration could also be much faster than you would expect, which is just 2 seconds from 0-62 mph.

The fact that the R8 goes fully electric means it will sever its relation with the Lamborghini Huracan. The Lambo may continue to sit on its current platform with a powertrain-related upgrade expected to come, adding an electric motor to work with the 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine. The Huracan needs to switch to hybrid as it’s not selling fast enough, making Lamborghini thinks that building a new expensive platform won’t be a profitable move.

As for Audi, it has several E-Tron-related projects that need to be completed. Later this month, an all-electric SUV will break cover, while next year the E-Tron Sportback will be introduced. An E-Tron GT is also reportedly in the work and will arrive in 2020.

Source: Autocar

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