Audi Preparing More EVs to Storm Tesla

Last month we’ve seen what the new Volkswagen ID.3 all-electric car looks like as it was unveiled at Frankfurt. It’s not made to hit the US market, but a crossover variant will reportedly arrive in the country next year, riding on the same platform called MEB.

Volkswagen Group has invested a lot to complete it, meaning that the platform won’t be exclusive to VW brand. Audi will also have access to it, as the German automaker is currently developing the Q4 e-tron, its first car to be based on MEB.

Audi Preparing More EVs to Storm Tesla

Rumors were circulating that Audi will also launch an A4-sized electric car, which sounds pretty convincing at the moment, especially after it was confirmed by a more recent report. MEB project manager Markus Jeschke told Autoblog that the company “can envision a sportier version (of the Q4) and a sedan”.

As for the other vehicle alleged to be a Q4 variant, it’s thought to go the same route as the Q3 Sportback. So in total, Audi has three MEB cars in the pipeline. Previously, the company has announced that it wants to have a lineup of 20 electric vehicles by 2025. The plan began to be implemented last year with the launch of the e-tron. There was also the e-tron GT concept revealed at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show that is bound to enter production pretty soon.

Audi Preparing More EVs to Storm Tesla

Among the key benefits Audi gets from the MEB platform is its pure-electric compatibility. The architecture is never built for internal combustion engines, making it so much easier to use thanks to its floor mounted battery setup that will give the vehicle more interior space and a lower center of gravity.

The Audi Q4 e-tron concept is reaching its final stage of development now, and it will go on sale in the US. The two other MEB cars, however, are still unknown as to where they will be sold, but chances are high that they will be available the US as well.

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